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Welcome to Sunnyside!

Sunnyside on Center and Sunnyside Elkhorn are fast-casual breakfast diners in Omaha, Nebraska equipped with playful employees willing to banter back and forth with you as you enjoy one of our famous breakfast burritos.

Hashbrown Throwdown

fast and casual

We make fresh and stellar breakfast fair at Sunnyside and we pride ourselves on high quality eats in record time. When you enter our establishment, make your way to the counter and order whatever tickles your fancy. We will take care of things from there and bring you all the good stuff as it comes off the line. Enjoy a hot coffee brewed from our local partner, The Mill


Seats are always full but turn over quickly. 

Parking lots available at both locations!

Omaha Breakfast and Lunch
“All I have to say is YUM”

Google Reviewer

“I would take a bath in the gravy if they made me enough.”

local regular, probably

represent the friendly breakfast spot 

Merch at the Friendly breakfast and lunch spot
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